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Welcome To Graham Sim Writes

Hi, I’m Graham Sim and this is my website! It’s a place where I share science fiction & urban fantasy book recommendations, thoughts on the genres in general and updates on my upcoming novels.

Book Reviews

I love reading fantasy and science fiction books and love to share the ones I love. Mostly, you’ll find me gushing over Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction, but I won’t shy away from other genres either. If you want to receive regular recommendations from me, don’t forget to register.

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About Me

Hi! I’m Graham Sim, and when I’m not writing sci-fi and fantasy books I love writing about sci-fi and fantasy books.

My first novel ‘Screaming in the Shadows’ is out later this year.


My Books

Or book, as it is right now. ‘Screaming in the Shadows’ is currently due out in the next few months.

It’s an urban fantasy noir set in London. If that sound’s interesting, register for a free Advanced Reader Copy today.