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Bob The Wizard – A Must-Read New Fantasy

Introducing a New Fantasy Series that is Bound to Make Waves

In all honesty, I picked up Bob the Wizard by M V Prindle because of the cover, and you can probably see why below. It promises a modern fantasy that’s unlike what’s gone before it. The book does not disappoint in this one bit. The stakes are high and the suspense relentless, making this book tough to put down.

This novel blew me away in many ways, and if you too are looking for a unique, gritty, and awesome fantasy adventure, then Bob the Wizard is the book for you. Discover a captivating blend of sci-fi and fantasy in “Bob the Wizard” – a gritty adventure with a unique hero and richly imagined world that will leave you wanting more.

Plot Summary

Bob the Wizard is a captivating book that blends elements of sci-fi and fantasy in an intricately crafted story. The book follows Bob, a chain-smoking, foul-mouthed ex-garbage man, as he embarks on a mission of revenge to chase down the killer of his family, the grey-skinned Galvidon, through the realms of the mysterious Astraverse.

Meet Bob – A New Star of Fantasy

Bob comes across as an urban fantasy hero in an epic fantasy world. Gruff and to the point, Bob stomps through the world fueled by rage and an underlying urge to fight injustice. A complex and multifaceted character, Bob is as flawed as he is endearing (or perhaps he is endearing because he is flawed?). He starts the novel focused only on revenge, but while on his journey, he begins to make genuine connections on the Hub and starts to discover a greater purpose.

Bob is one of the most intriguing characters I’ve come across in fantasy and science fiction, and I have no doubt he will become a favorite of many.

Welcome to the Astraverse

Or at least one planet in it: The Hub. While we are told that The Hub is just one of many planets accessible through the Astraverse, it’s the Hub that is the focus of this novel. Travelling The Hub with Bob, we see a richly imagined world populated by wizards, blue elves, fairies, giants, dragons, as well as humans. All colliding in glorious technicolour.

I don’t want to describe the various places Bob takes us in too much detail, as that would spoil too much of the plot. But know that they are all varied, and detailed, and provide a new take on old fantasy tropes. The author’s attention to detail in describing the characters and their surroundings is exceptional, allowing the reader to feel like they are part of the journey.

See Characters Grow Through Their Relationships

Bob is a character focused on action rather than reflection, always trying to achieve his next goal and fight his next battle. But that’s not how his growth is shown. Cleverly, we see Bob’s growth as a character through the relationships he builds with others. Be it his ‘elven’ friends or his fairy companion, each relationship we see is nuanced, deep, and important to the characters and the reader.

What’s best is that we don’t just see Bob’s relationships evolve, we also see the relationships Bob’s companions have with each other deepen and change throughout the novel. While there is a lot of great action in this novel, the relationships between the characters are what make it stand out.

An Earthy, Believable,  Magic System

Magic systems in fantasy are like time travel in science fiction: If they aren’t spot on, the whole world will break. The magic system in Bob The Wizard is an earthy one, linked closely to nature. This more natural magic balances out the grittier, more modern, aspects of the novel’s tone. While all of the limitations of the magic aren’t precisely defined, it never becomes a get-out-of-jail-free card for the characters.


The pacing of the book is impeccable, with the author lingering in the right places and moving quickly when the narrative calls for it. The book has a supremely satisfying ending, which still leaves the reader wanting more.

If I’ve convinced you that this should be the next book you read, you can buy it on Amazon today.

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