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Dandelion Audit: A More Than Worthy Sequel

If you were captivated by “Soul Fraud,” get ready for a thrilling journey with its sequel, “Dandelion Audit.” It maintains the excellence of its predecessor and introduces new dimensions and greater depth to the series as a whole.

Why I’m a Fan of Dandelion Audit

Deepening of Friendships

In my review of “Soul Fraud,” I mentioned how it filled a Supernatural (the TV show) shaped void in my life. While it still reminds me a little of that show, “Dandelion Audit” goes beyond this by delving deeper into the evolving relationships between Matt, Alex, and the enigmatic Hunter, Orian. The banter and occasional bickering between Alex and Matt are still a delight, but their bond has clearly strengthened.

Witnessing a friendship group grow together lies at the heart of many great urban fantasy series, and the author skillfully places this dynamic at the core of “Dandelion Audit.” While Matt serves as the protagonist, it’s this group and their interconnections that will keep readers engaged for the long haul.

Expansive World-Building

Without venturing into spoiler territory, Givler expands the series’ universe significantly. We gain deeper insights into the workings of the Fae and the intricate web of supernatural politics. If the term ‘politics’ raises concerns, fear not; it’s more akin to the captivating intrigue of “House of Cards” than a BBC documentary on Brexit. Action also remains a prominent feature, as we’ll explore shortly.

A Unique Spin on Supernatural Beings

Describing supernatural entities, such as the Fae and Demons, in a relatable yet otherworldly manner can be a challenging tightrope walk. Too often, they end up as humans with an extra powerful punch. “Dandelion Audit” successfully navigates this balance. Just when we think we’ve grasped these beings, the narrative throws curveballs, emphasizing their fundamentally different perspective on reality. Orian, the hunter, embodies this contrast as he shares a bond with Matt and Alex while being set apart by his immortal status and outlook.

Dynamic Action Sequences

Givler excels in crafting gripping fight scenes, a fitting attribute considering one of his lead characters is an immortal hunter and master swordsman. If you tend to skip through fight scenes in Marvel movies, don’t worry, each has a unique flair and a touch of wit. Every action scene possesses its own rhythm and momentum, preventing them from feeling repetitive.

In conclusion, if you’ve already embarked on the journey through “Soul Fraud,” “Dandelion Audit” is a must-read sequel. And if, by some odd chance, you’ve read this review without first experiencing “Soul Fraud,” I strongly recommend picking it up today.

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