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The Devil Walks In Blood by David Green

Dive into darkness with Nick Holleran.

This month’s book recommendation, after a long health-related hiatus, brings you a dark novel that’s full of suspense. I hope you like it!

Judging a Book by Its Cover 

Do you like John Constantine-type detectives? The sort who are willing to meet the foulest monsters with nothing more than their cunning and a joke darker than a raven’s wing? I do, and that’s why I bought this book. 

Look at the blond hair, the jacket, the tie. The cover artist was clearly directed to attract the eye of any fans of John Constantine. And that’s great. It lets people like me know what type of book this is. The only question is, does it deliver on its promise?

Say Hello to Nick Holleran

Nick is a PI who can see the supernatural beings that exist beyond normal people’s perception. This ‘gift’ (if you can call it that) doesn’t help with Nick’s social life, work life, or general disposition. But it does lead to some interesting stories. 

While clearly in the vein of other noir urban fantasy detectives, Nick is unique enough in his tone and personality to stand on his own merits. What I found most distinctive was the way he grew throughout the novel, through both his relationships with others and the choices he had to make. Seeing this growth was particularly pleasing since often characters like this are pretty static.

What About the Monsters?

Throughout The Devil Walks In Blood, we meet demons in dive bars, Nephilim, angels, and even the devil himself. These monsters are dark and spiky, with otherworldly abilities and motivations married to a snarky sense of humour. 

In tone, they are closer in nature to those of the TV show Supernatural than lighter, more fae-like creatures you often find in urban fantasy novels these days. They are made real and memorable by Green’s detailed and physical writing style.

In Praise of the Author

David Green’s writing style is a standout feature of this book. He expertly combines the gritty, hard-boiled tone of classic noir with the chilling aspects of urban fantasy. 

The prose is snappy and filled with dark humour, which works well with the otherwise melancholic nature of the world being described. Green paints a vivid picture of a world where Hell is not a distant concept but a present reality. The dialogue is sharp and witty, keeping the interactions between characters engaging. 

His handling of Diana, the ghost of a teenage girl from the 1960s, is wonderful. Diana is both haunting and endearing, a true stand-out character. Her unresolved murder is the central case of the novel, and her interactions with Nick reveal a lot about both characters.

As you can probably tell, this novel delivers on the promise of the cover.  If this sounds like a novel you would like, you can buy it on Amazon today.

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About the Author

Graham Sim

Graham Sim hails from North East England, where he divides his time between his wife and kids, and his love of urban fantasy, noir mysteries, and science fiction.

You can read his first book, the urban fantasy noir ‘Screaming in the Shadows’ .

Graham promises he only refers to himself in the third person in his author bio. He’s odd, but not that odd.