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Screaming in the Shadows

If you like Urban Fantasy mysteries, but wish they could be a little darker and edgier: this is the book for you.


Disgraced detective Christian Rook’s career is in tatters. With nowhere else to turn, he accepts an offer from a secret organization to investigate the violent murder of a vampire.

Guided by an orc with a dark past, Rook hunts for a killer among the creatures of folklore lurking in London’s deepest shadows.

With every step of his investigation leading to more questions, it becomes clear the vampire’s death is just the first piece of a grim puzzle.

“Screaming in the Shadows” is the perfect urban fantasy noir for fans of hard-boiled crime thrillers with a touch of the paranormal.

Step into a gritty world where mythical beings are not as you remember, and where there’s no magic, no romance – only the chilling thrill of murder and suspense.

Release Date

October 31st

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